CustomDataBaseTables Version 2 coming soon!

いやはや、本当は6月上旬にもリリースしようと考えていたのですが、全機能をリファクタリングしながら、新しい機能も追加しつつ…と開発が予想以上に大規模になってしまって、だいぶ遅れている次第…。ここ二ヶ月ほどはCDBT v2の開発にどっぷり漬かっていて、プラグインのサポート対応も停滞気味です…(あ、これは相変わらずか…w)。


English Information

WordPress for database management plugin “CustomDataBaseTables” (call “CDBT” following) I am going to do as soon a major version up of that.
Actually, I was thinking trying to release it on early June. However, it had been delay to than I think, because I has become a large scale than expected to develop to while refactoring all the program, and added some new features.
About this two months, I had immersed themselves in the development of CDBT v2. By them sorry, the plugin support correspondence is also stagnant.

As important notice, CDBT version 2 works to require that is the PHP5.4 or higher environment.

Also, I’m going to release a demonstration site that can be confirmed interface before the CDBT version 2 release. I am preparing as you can try the plugin there.
I will start somehow demonstration site in June. Then I will be publish a major version upgrade in early July.

Please stay tuned.



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