Plugin Overview

The jQuery.Timeline plugin provides you two types of the horizontal timeline. You can create a timeline most easily with simple settings and intuitive HTML markup.

The jQuery.Timeline has evolved to version 2, simplifying configuration and several enhancements. Also, the source code has been rewritten in a modern format conforming to ES6, a significant refactoring has been done, maintainability has improved.

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Supported browsers

jQuery.Timeline version 2.x supports the following browsers:

PC Mobile

Unfortunately, as for the Internet Explorer, etc. several methods of this plugin does not work because JavaScript implementation of browser is too immature. Please note that we are not going to support these legacy browsers in the future.


Latest version change logs

 v2.1.0 (September 29, 2020 GMT)

  • Fixed the event ID generation process by the addEvent method (Issue#13).
  • Prevented flicker when replacing any events by using addEvent method (Issue#51).
  • Fixed a bug with some curved relation lines (Issue#57).
  • Added the theme color setting option for timeline instances (Issue#58).
  • Fixed a bug that there is a difference in locale processing between the top and bottom rulers (Issue#61).
  • Added an argument that can refer to the newly added event data to the callback function of the addEvent method.
  • Changed the wrapping process for custom user data arguments for each method.
  • Adjusted and added various styles.

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Copyright and license

Code and documentation copyright 2011-2020 the ka2. Code released under the MIT License.