I saw a movie titled “SPIDER-MAN: Far From Home“. In Japan, that’s at the fastest published in the world.
I do not say about the detail of that story because it maybe includes a spoiler. That was interesting so much that as my impression. And, an ending of the story was got an awesome and shocking surprise. I thought that this movie was being a great turning point to bring the MCU of up to the present and from now on together.
Who has an interest in, let’s see by all means.

Now, to get to the main content is from here.

The “SPIDER-MAN: Far From Home” is the last title of MCU phase 3. Since next titled in the MCU will begin phase 4.
So I’ve tried to make the MCU’s movie history by using the jQuery.Timeline for reviewing MCU’s past. The content as that result is as follows:


MARVEL Cinematic Universe History as demo of jQuery.Timeline