I released the “Sloth” that is mobile-first CSS micro framework.

I have long used frontend frameworks such as bootstrap and semantic UI. They are sophisticated and rich, but I always had to spend a lot of time developing and maintaining frontends because I markup HTML with complex hierarchical structures dependented on framework rules.

I think that the markuping for styling should be simpler and better.

That’s why I developed this framework for those who want to shirk neglect one’s duties, and take the easy way out.

About Sloth

The Sloth is lightweight as it saves the effort to rely on the legacy browser. Also, the Sloth can use advanced styling technology that utilizes flexbox, grid, CSS variables, and limited vendor prefixes.

That supports SCSS and postCSS, and you can customize your build with the included gulp file. Then the Sloth is providing at only distributed css file without dependenting JavaScript.

Finally that file size after gzip compression is 9.98kB at this time.

Documentation & Demo

You would prefer to see here for a list of all elements and components expressed in the Sloth style.


Please try to fork it. New pull requests are welcome!